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June 23, 2019 / porton

Sorry for an offtopic: Research in human rights

Sorry for an offtopic for a math blog:

I have started a unique experiment in human rights:

  • Can human rights be accomplished in the modern world?
  • Are geniuses deprived in rights compared to common people?
  • Can rights of a person with opinions contrary to the society be accomplished?
  • Is importance of a lawsuit a factor for it not to be decided?
  • Is a human rights violation being gross a reason for the right not to be protected?

The experiment started as described in this blog post.

June 21, 2019 / porton

Second court request

Because Kirovskiy district court of Perm city completely illegally ignored my claim during the 5 days it must answer. I send the claim to another court, Tverskoy district court of Moscow.

In order to check if the ignoring of the lawsuit is due its high importance, I have removed all references to trillions of dollars.

Now we will check whether Russia exists or is it an illusion that Russian state exists, because they can’t even answer emails.

The following are the changes:

  • New proof: appearance of new religion.
  • Added more references to laws.
  • Removed about who to serve who.
  • Removed request for $4 trillion.
  • Removed request for Hero of Russia.
  • Added request to eliminate court fee because I am disabled of second category.
  • Said why state anti-sectarian propaganda is unlawful.
  • Removed a reference to the flood.
  • Other.

The court request attached.

This post is a continuation of that post.

June 20, 2019 / porton

A disabled mathematician was severely discriminated against in Russia

When I was a teenager, I decided that I must greet everyone with words like “I am a sectarian and a religions fanatic”. Sectarians are hated in Russia just like Jews in fascist Germany. As a result people didn’t spoke with me and I was unable to buy and sell. So I even ate grass and drank from a puddle. It was even much worse than described here, much worse than in a concentration camp.

During the same time while being a beginning university student I did one of the greatest math discoveries (presented at this site) of several decades.

I left a university, because decided this way I have more chances to remain alive.

About my discovery and its sequels, I wrote a 400 pages advanced PhD/doctorate thesis. But because I was illegally forced to leave the university, I was unable to defend the thesis.

Recently I’ve claimed to a Russian court to assign me monetary compensation for illegally missing PhD and doctorate and my discriminatory poverty. Allotted by the law 5 days passed but the court claim was illegally ignored.

Ignored court request is an extremely rude violation of rights of a disabled (I have second degree psychiatric disability in Russia, some people think that I have megalomania.) mathematician.

I request President Putin to start the lawsuit.

For the sake of science, I request to conduct sanctions against Russia. I want to conduct an experiment: Can human rights be accomplished in the modern world? To know this need to conduct sanctions against Russia. Legal science is much more important than Russia.

My request to start sanctions well agrees with Christian morality: (Rev. 18:5-6) “5 For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.  6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double to her double according to her works: in the cup which she has filled fill to her double.”

Please write to UN, American President, etc. that you support sanctions. Please share this message.

Let us wait the allotted period for the Putin’s reply and start sanctions.

April 13, 2019 / porton

Please nominate me for Doob Prize in mathematics

Please nominate my math research book (can be easily read by every mathematician) for Doob Prize. All necessary information can be found at this page at Terry Tao’s blog and subcomments. And yes, my book is worth prize.

February 8, 2019 / porton

A new easy theorem in my draft

A new easy theorem in my draft.

Theorem \mathrm{DOM} (g \circ f) \supseteq \mathrm{DOM} f, \mathrm{IM} (g \circ f) \supseteq \mathrm{IM} g, \mathrm{Dom} (g \circ f) \supseteq \mathrm{Dom} f, \mathrm{Im} (g \circ f) \supseteq \mathrm{Im} g for every composable morphisms f, g of a category with restricted identities.

Proof \mathcal{E}_{\mathcal{C}}^{Y, \mathrm{Dst} f} \circ \mathcal{E}_{\mathcal{C}}^{\mathrm{Dst} f, Y} \circ g \circ f = g \circ f \Leftarrow \mathcal{E}_{\mathcal{C}}^{Y, \mathrm{Dst} f} \circ \mathcal{E}_{\mathcal{C}}^{\mathrm{Dst} f, Y} \circ g = g and it implies \mathrm{IM} (g \circ f) \supseteq \mathrm{IM} g. The rest follows easily.

Corollary \mathrm{dom} (g \circ f) \sqsubseteq \mathrm{dom} f, \mathrm{im} (g \circ f) \sqsubseteq \mathrm{im} g whenever \mathrm{dom}/\mathrm{im} are defined.

February 7, 2019 / porton

Responses to some accusations against style of my exposition

This is a very short addition to my book, in response to a person who criticized my style. He may be partly right, but:

The proofs are generally hard to follow and unpleasant to read as they are just a bunch of equations thrown at you, without motivation or underlying reasoning, etc.

I don’t think this is essential. The proofs are not the most important thing in my book. The most essential thing are definitions. The proofs are just to fill the gaps. So I deem it not important whether proofs are motivated.

Also, note “algebraic” in the title of my book. The proofs are meant to be just sequences of formulas for as much as possible 🙂 It is to be thought algebraically. The meaning are the formulas themselves.

Maybe it makes sense to read my book skipping all the proofs? Some proofs contain important ideas, but most don’t. The important thing are definitions.

February 4, 2019 / porton

New results about categories with restricted identities

I have rewritten the section “More results on restricted identities” of this draft. Now it contains some new (easy but important) formulas.