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March 23, 2013 / porton

Welcome to collaborative research on

Background information: I’ve written a math book and submitted it to a publisher. But afterward I found a serious error (a wrong proof of the conjecture below) and have withdrawn it from the publisher.

Now the draft book is available online. (You will enjoy reading it if you are interested in general topology.)

I welcome you to collaboration to solve my problem.

I’ve put the related materials at PlanetMath Web site in order to welcome you to do research collaboratively with me.

The conjecture which I want having been proved is:

Conjecture Cross-composition product of an indexed family of funcoids is a pointfree funcoid.

Please help me to prove this conjecture and so to finish my book.

My conjecture goes bundled with several other problems on this page.

It is a new approach to use PlanetMath for research collaboration. Previously PlanetMath was mainly an encyclopedia of mathematics. Now it receives an additional mode of use, math research collaboration.

Please participate both in solving my problems and in posting your own research-in-the-middle on PlanetMath (marking it as “Research” major section, not to be confused with “Reference” section which signifies materials for the encyclopedia).

This project is somehow similar to well known Polymath project but differs in focusing to interrelation of different research projects instead of on a single problem and sometimes focusing on deep research projects, to understand which you may need first read some literature before participating in the project.

Polymath project was well announced in blogs and has gained popularity. Please advertise on your sites also this project (research of PlanetMath).


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