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September 28, 2011 / porton

Preliminary announce: n-ary funcoids

I am now developing a theory of generalization of funcoids, n-ary (multi)funcoids (where n is a set).

Previously I was going to make first theory of finitary multifuncoids that is the case when n is finite, because there were some complexities with proving some important theorems about infinitary funcoids.

Today I managed to prove it in my drafts using transfinite recursion and transfinite induction. So I think I may treat the general infinite case immediately without first writing about the special finite case.

Congratulations to myself. I hope to write an article about n-ary funcoids soon. Be subscribed to this blog.



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  1. Ryan / Sep 30 2011 21:39

    Hey Victor,

    That is great news! I am looking to reading the upcoming article about it!

    Regards, Ryan


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