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August 7, 2011 / porton

Uniformization of funcoids

I’ve put a sketch draft of future research “Uniformization of funcoids” on my Algebraic General Topology page. “Uniformization” is meant to be a generalization of oblique products of filters.

This future research may be published as a part of my Funcoids and Reloids article, or (what is more likely) as a separate article.



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  1. porton / Aug 7 2011 22:42

    After a little more thought, it begins to seem for me that uniformization of funcoids is a dead end not an interesting theory as it seemed for me earlier, and that the conjectures, that oblique products may be expressed through uniformization, are false. I may think for an other more productive way to define uniformization, but it seems not an easy problem.

  2. porton / Aug 7 2011 22:52

    Yes. That was a wrong way. I deleted the PDF file with my definition of uniformization.

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