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May 26, 2011 / porton

A surprisingly hard problem

I am now trying to prove or disprove this innocently looking but somehow surprisingly hard conjecture:

Conjecture If S is a generalized filter base then \left\langle f \right\rangle \bigcap{\nobreak}^{\mathfrak{F}} S = \bigcap {\nobreak}^{\mathfrak{F}} \left\langle\left\langle f \right\rangle \right\rangle S for every funcoid f.


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  1. porton / May 26 2011 21:51

    Oh well, it is not that hard. I just proved the conjecture. (I’ll put its solution online soon.)

    Maybe this theorem will be of help solving other open problems I formulated.


  1. A new theorem about funcoids and generalizated filter bases « Victor Porton's Math Blog

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