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August 27, 2010 / porton

I consent with rejection of my article

My submission of my Connectors and Generalized Connectedness math article was rejected due a reviewer saying that the author (that is I) must go through the literature and find sources for general connectedness (e.g. Athangelskii+Wiegandt, Castellini, Herrlich, Petz, Preuss, Lowen, …..)

That is I was rejected due not enough references and links with existing literature about connectedness.

I quickly looked on some of these articles by the above mentioned authors which are freely available. I noted these use advanced category theory.

I confess that my knowledge of category theory is quite poor. I have bought the book MaсLane “Categories for the Working Mathematician” several months ago but haven’t yet took time to study it in details.

Sooner or later I will find time to study it. Afterward I hope to rewrite my article and submit it again. Now I consent that my article was rejected for a true reason and agree with the journal editor.

Despite of my ignorance in many fields of mathematics, my research of funcoids and reloids is ground-breaking and I’m almost sure will get Abel Prize sooner or later.



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  1. porton / Aug 27 2010 01:31

    Here are the full reviewers’ comments:

    The paper by Porton deals with a kind of general connectedness defined by means of general set-relations. His knowledge of the literature is very poor. There are many approaches to connectedness, both by means of relations and in categories. I am sure that some authors have published, probably using different terminology, many of his procedures and results. The author must go through the literature and find sources for general connectedness (e.g. Athangelskii+Wiegandt, Castellini, Herrlich, Petz, Preuss, Lowen, …..) — there are really many of them, some with applications to other structures than those of a topological nature. In my opinion this paper, or any paper which ignores the literature, cannot be published in any journal.

  2. Américo Tavares / Aug 28 2010 02:47

    Information: You could submit your paper as it is to Reject Mathematica

    Of course this a decision of yours, given that it as some desavantages too, in my opinion.

  3. porton / Aug 28 2010 13:14

    I know about

    The problem is that other journals may not accept papers which cite a paper in Rejecta Mathematica.


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